Vacation in USA




Most of our vacations we spend in America or Holland. Only sometimes we go for short vacations to Belgium or Germany.

In 1981 we visited the US for the first time. Back then we knew the Windjamer no.1 in Ohio, and payed him a visit.

He gave us a few addresses of other members. That year we went from Miami-Georgia-Alabama-Tennessee-Kentucky-Ohio-Niagara Falls to Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland-Delaware-Virginia-N-carolina-S.Carolina-Georgia-Miami. So in four weeks we drove about 3000 miles in our rented car. It was a big adventure, in such a big country on your own! We saw many touristic attractions; Sea World, Cape Canaveral, Walt Disney World, Atlantic City, Kings Island.

In 1982 we went for the second time from Amsterdam to Atlanta. We rented a car for 3 weeks and went to the people we met in 1981. They had a big party for us than with other members of the IWJ-club in the area. We stayed for a week and than we went to Ohio, for a week in Bolivar and a week in Pleasantville. We liked staying with those people because you get a good taste of real american life that way; shop open on Sunday, 24 hours! Eating donuts for breakfast, drive-in res­taurants, television every hour of the day (in Holland we don't have television at night). The chance to talk english/american and learn to speak it better!

In 1984 we went from Amsterdam to JFK-airport/New York to Colum­bus, Ohio, also by plane and from there rent a car to the people in Pleasantville (family with 5 children) for 1 week. To Indiana for 1 week to T.W. no.1 and 2, we met them over the radio.We drove to Detroit and visited Holland, Michigan for 1 day. We stayed in Detroit for 1 week, and visited Windsor in Canada for 1 day. Now we had to save money for 4 years!

In 1988 we landed in New York again, and rented a car from there, because that was cheaper as by plane. You also see a lot more of the country that way. New York is not a terrible city to drive in as a foreigner, we got scared! How glad we were as we finally drove trough the Holland-tunnel into New Jersey! We stayed in Ohio 1 week, and 2 weeks in South Bend, Indiana. We drove 1928 miles / 3084 km. We had to go through New York again to go back to JFK airport!

In 1990 we made a wise decision, we went from Amsterdam to Newark, New Jersey, not New York again! We stayed in Ohio 5 days, than to Benton Harbour (WWS-club), Michigan for 10 days and 8 days in South Bend, Indiana. We drove 2157 miles.

In 1993 we landed in Washington DC, and drove in 14 hours to South Bend, Indiana to visit for 1 1/2 week, than drove 12 hours to Roanoke, Virginia to visit Ron, 2 GT 336 and family. That was the first time we saw them. I met Ron on the frequency in oct.'91 and exchanged QSL. Ron gave me an invitation to visit him and a picture of him and his family. We also send him a picture of us. Ron used his call 10 Victor Alfa 202. I made him a member of the Golf Tango club: 2GT336. It was really great visiting them, Virginia is beautiful! Ron & Cindy they'll visit us in 1995. It was hard to say goodbye! What radio contact can accom­plish! 18 Sept till 17 okt 1996 we visit the USA again for the 7th time, 1 week Indiana and 3 weeks Virginia. We enjoy every visit again.

In 1995 Ron and Cindy visited us in Holland. It was their first outside the US. We showed them Hollan: The windmills, the beach and other touristic places and Germany. Those two weeks were great and to short to show them everything.

In 1996 in April we have a vised from people from Indiana for a week Susie, Dean and daugter.

Also in 1996 Rick and Sandra vised us for 2 weeks. For them it was also the first time outside the USA.

After they recovered from their “jetlag” we took the to several ‘real dutch’ places The cheesemarket, the beach afcourse, Madurodam (Holland in miniature), to the windmills, Germany, Begium and Luxembourg. We also met our Begium radio-friends 16OP277 Teddy and Gertruud his wife and our Northern Ireland radio friend, Tony, who was staying at their house at that time.    

In 1998 We’ve planned our hollidays for August/September, but unfortunately, it could not take place, because Mirian died on 26-06-1998 after 2 ½ years of stuggle and fight against her desease, but she lost the battle and she died early. She was just 40 on month.and on 01-07-1998 was the cremation from Mirian and 197 people came to the cremation. Mirian suffers from breastcancer and half a year later she had metastasis in her longs, she got radiation therapy, but it didn’t work.. She also tried nature herbs from Australia, she did everything to fight her desease, but it didn’t make any sense, the last six weeks, she was most of the time lying in bed. I miss her very much, Mirian was everything for me, we had a good life together, but it seems it may not be so. We had still so many plans, we should like to visit our friends in New Zealand and Australia, North Ireland and Bulgaria, but we couldn’t make this plans to come true. Mirian is out of pain a little consulation, but it hurts a lot, the pain, the sorrow the emptiness. I have to go on, and i try to walk in Mirian’s footsteps, because i promised her.First my plan was to do it this year, but i can not running away from our house.

In 1999 I visit the USA again this time alone, It was not easy but I most be real friends, afther Mirian died I lost also my best friends and other people, and stand alone, so I visit 1 week Maxine in South bend Indiana and 2 weeks Ron and Cindy in Roanoke Virginia. The give me a nice vacation.

2000 I visit for 4 days Nasko and Fam, Kazanlak Bulgaria, and visit the TRC meeting, Nako ask me to made a Qsl card In Memory of Mirian, that was great and thanks he did.

Well, my friend, i finish this letter now, god bless you and yours hope to meet you again on the freq.     Bye for now......


We love the US people and WE ARE HOOKED ON AMERICA !!!


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New Tower 19TW001