Visiting Pleasantville

Page 2 News paper Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Wednesday, sept 26,1984 

Result of Airwave Conversations:  by Linda Brantley 


Who woult believe that a trans-Atlantic radio conversation could lead a personal meeting and the formation of a lasting friendship? It hartly seems possible Yet a sitizen band radio conversation prompted Tonny and Mirian of Holland to travel to the United States to meet Teddy of Pleasantville Ohio face to face. Since their initial visit in 1981, the trio have visited several times and have become the best friends. Tonny and Mirian are currentley in Pleasantville on their third visit, The y reside in Oss, Holland a town of 50.000. Teddy, explained ”Talking on the radio was just a hobby of mine. I enjoyed seeing how many people I could talk to from around the world. I reached Tonny and Mirian on the radio in 1979 and we talked about five or 10 minutes and agreed to talk again if the conditions allowed. We talked more, wich led to letter writing, then tape sending, then finally a vissit from them. “Teddy couldn’t have been more surprised when Tonny and Mirian showed up unannounced on his doorstep in 1981. Mirian explained.” He had sent us a rubber stamp in the mail but we never got it, so we decided to come to the united states , and as a joke, show up on his doorstep and ask what had happened to the rubber stamp. we did and we never left the entire visit, “ I had no idea who they were when the first knocked, but when i found out it was a real suprise. It was a very exciting feeling to put together a voice and a face for the first time,” Teddy has had similar visits from other foreigners he met on the radio, including some of Australia, Germany and Belgium.” I’ve met people from different parts of the United States also, but it seems to mean more to the Europeans to put a name with a face,” he said. Teddy put Tonny and Mirian with a family in Belgium he had made contact with and now those two groups are friends. Tonny and Mirian really like the United States. Tonny is ready to move, but has not quite yet convinced his wife. She said, “in Holland we call the U.S. the land with all possibilities, We have found it to pretty much what we expected. The people here are so friendly and hospitable. We in Holland tend to be cooler. But we are learning.” In Holland, Mirian is a bank teller and her husband a park ranger. He also is involved with the humane society there and has been writtin up many times for his work, and is a video-reporter and video tapes various events. Both are enthralled with tracktor trailer trucks, hot dogs, twinkies and nike tennis shoes. They also like the freedom of speech allowed here, and the fact that you have unlimited access to the radio and television. Both are kept to a four hour minimum per day in Holland. “If you speak out against the queen or the goverment in Holland, you will be thrown in jail, “Even as a joke. The country has excessive taxis also.” What Tonny and Mirian don’t like about the U.S is the high divorce rate and toll roads. They said that the climate in Holland is similar to that of U.S. except is does not get as cold or as it does here. The land is extremely flat. Dutch is the language. Teddy, Tonny and Mirian exchange packages at cristmas when the came to visit, the brought him a handmade cuckoo clock, compleet with music box. He has not yet been in Holland to visit them, but hopes to someday.Both parties say they are  out of the radio habit now. Teddy explained , “The atmospheric conditions are very bad to try to tolk overseas now. Plus so many people swear or play radios over the channels that is hard to talk.” Yet Teddy is glad for all the time spent and the friendship made teh airwaves. “The worst part is after meeting these people, you have to say goodbye.”

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