History of the Tango Whiskey dx group

History of the Tango Whiskey – USA  by  Sam & Maxine

In october of 1979 i started talking  to 117 ½ , Lee and Jill in Spokane, Washington Virginia on 27.665 LSB.    Lee kept inviting me out to go mule dear hunting and after about the third invitation I left Maxine in November to fly out to Spokane in pursuit of the exclusive muley.

While out there hunting. I would call back home on Lee’s radio from the highest peak of old red marble mountain, and schout, “how about that Maxine in the toodlee weeds”of Indiana are yout out there”?

Then she would shout back an answer, and because she had no helper at that time, she realy was in the “toodlee Weeds” of Indiana, and could barley make the trip, but tried. Lee would even turn off the ignition in his old, beat-up Chevy pick-up to cut out the noise from the ignition.

I would some hairy experiences because Lee didn’t care if he was driving in themountains or not he’d just left the old truck coast so we could hear Maxine and I desided to start the “Toodelee Weeds” club at first it was a joke, but it started to catch on and now we have quite a few members. 

Anyway, we’re having heaps of fun meeting new people. So here we are. Sam and Maxine number 1 and 2 Toodelee weeds of Indiana. By the way, Lee and Jill are now Toodelee Weeds 117 and 117½ Thanks for joining or Tango Whiskey Club and become a “weed”, too.


Sam passed away in December 1990 after a heart attack in his sleep.



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