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    WBDA942 Ky (zondag, 27 mei 2018 10:51)

    hello KY

    sorry for the late reaction but have been busy in the last few weeks and not much on the computer. my excuse for this. thank you for responding to TW website and I read that you would like to become a lifetime member that is nice thank you and of course always welcome but would you please write to me and what kind of song would like to have then I see if it is free if so, I will mail back. which number is free if what you have chosen is not free, okay. the direct mail is or I would like to hear from you and will email you back as soon as possible, wish you a nice day and like to go next time.
    Yours sincerely Tony 19TW001 President of the group
    god bless you and yours

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    WBDA942 (vrijdag, 11 mei 2018 05:52)

    Hello from KY, USA!! I happened across your website today and decided that I might join Whiskey Tango as a lifetime member. I love DX especially Lower Side Band. And the thought of joining with a group of guys that do the same is exciting. And I especially look forward to the qsl cards. I think it's really cool that you guys still use them. 73 to you and yours from me and mine here stateside US.

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    Tony 19tw001 (vrijdag, 25 augustus 2017 18:58)

    sorry deze link lag er even uit maar is weer hersteld en kan men reageren

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    Tony (zaterdag, 12 augustus 2017 16:19)

    Mooie site

New Tower 19TW001
New Tower 19TW001